Texting is Important for Your Business

How Instant Communication Can Transform Your Business
July 18, 2019

Why should you care about texting a potential consumer?

There are 3 main reasons why texting is a critical component of marketing for your business.

The first being, how we communicate with our consumer. This means that we need to know how they wanted to be approached. Push notifications inform users of the status of what they are looking at. On the other hand, pull notifications request that users check the status of what they are using. Studies are showing that push notifications have a greater impact on audiences that use their phones often. (Lefebvre R., 2007)

The second being, buy in. Receiving these push notifications gives the consumer a chance to respond and participate with the message. Pull notifications make it more tedious for the consumer to find what they have to respond to, rather than a simple response or a physical action that has to take place with the information they receive. (Riordan B. & Traxler J., 2005)

Finally, the personal touch to texting does more good for a business than an email or call. More consumers will take the time to read a short message than take a call or open an email. Studies show that over 84% of people found text message notifications more useful than any other method. (Riordan B. & Traxler J., 2005)


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